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Andrew Lindsay (he/him)

VP of Engineering

Andrew is a web developer, project manager and advocate for agile and open source software development. He is also a certified Project Management Professional, Agile Practicioner and Scrum Professional, with a degree in Computer Science.

Prior to joining New/Mode, Andrew worked as the Linux Foundation's Senior Manager of Web Technology where he managed the ecommerce, CMS and CRM technologies at the heart of the Foundation's successful training and events B2B enterprises, and oversaw the relaunch of the venerable linux.com website.

As a Senior Developer and Analyst for McGill University, Andrew was responsible for architecting and supporting an open source platform to serve the university's 650 public facing websites. He led both the redesign of McGill's award-winning home page and the transition of McGill's calendar to a paperless online alternative.

A founding member and former officer of both the Montreal Drupal Association and the Foulab Hackerspace, Andrew has worked with a variety of NGOs throughout his career, including OpenMedia where he led development work that ultimately formed the foundation of New/Mode's current product. 

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