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New/Mode for Unions

Run powerful advocacy campaigns to make your members heard in the fight for workers' rights.

New/Mode is the leading multi-channel platform for unions, nonprofits & charities, advocacy organizations, and political campaigns/parties.

New/Mode's platform helps unions to develop new digital strategies for mobilizing members of their communities and reach decision-makers in every single channel (email, phone, petitions, newspapers, fax and social media).

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NewMode for Unions

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  • Give voice to your members: Empower your members  to make their voices heard launching rapid response actions in minutes, build power over time, and deliver real policy wins for your community. 

  • Empower your Community:  Engage your members, capture the attention of the media and get noticed by legislators and win campaigns. 

  • Reach Decision Makers In Every Channel: Our data set is updated in real time, so you can be sure your message reaches the right person.

  • Connect your favorite CRM: Connect your favorite CRM and automatically sync all of their campaign data. This way, you can easily track your progress and see the impact of your efforts. 

    And if you don't have a CRM? No problem! You can still download lists and access reporting on all of your key metrics. Plus, our advanced insights options will help you grow your community better.