We're campaigners, just like you.

New/Mode is on a mission to empower real people and communities to participate in decisions that impact their lives. Our multi-channel advocacy and civic engagement platform helps the world's most important causes activate grassroots support, reach decision-makers, and win campaigns on the issues.

Founded in 2016, New/Mode is proud to be supported and owned by a network of non-profit organizations and social impact investors. We are campaigners just like you, providing an open platform for people and organizations working toward a more sustainable, more just world.

We currently operate in the US, UK, EU, Canada and Australia, but our tools can be used everywhere participatory democracy exists. Our subscribers are the most awesome grassroots movements, NGOs, campaigns, candidates and change-makers around the world.

Together, we're working for a more just and sustainable world.


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We partner with people and organizations that share our values.

  • Empowerment. We empower people to speak in their own voice and take action.
  • Collaboration. We aim to help build a society that embraces new tools and processes for sharing and cooperation.
  • Empathy. We celebrate and engage with diversity, uncover others’ needs, and find common ground and shared wins.
  • Participation. We believe decision-making should be open, transparent, collaborative, and focused on those who will be most impacted in their daily lives.
  • Sustainability. We help create more sustainable, vibrant, and resilient communities.
  • Fairness. We work towards a fairer economy and society.

We won't work with regressive forces.

New/Mode subscribers are not permitted to:

  1. Promote or undertake any illegal activity.
  2. Promote the limitation of civil, democratic or minority rights.
  3. Promote non-renewable resource extraction.
  4. Promote low wages, precarious work or the undermining of worker rights.
  5. Promote homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, classist or otherwise hateful speech.
  6. Promote regressive taxation or the undue privatization of services.
  7. Promote violence, warfare, or colonization.
  8. Promotes policies that have been demonstrated to significantly reduce public health.

We're supported by a network of trusted Directors and Advisors.

We're building the products and features that campaigners need, at speed and scale. We're thankful to our community of trusted advisors guiding this work, including: 

Zeryn Sarpangal, Board of Directors
Chief Financial Officer and member of the Operations Committee at Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

Glyn Lewis, Early Founding Partner
Owner, Renewal Home Development

Betsy Hoover, Advisor
Partner at Higher Ground Labs, Co-Founder 270 Strategies, former National Digital Organizing Director at Obama Campaign 

Shomik Dutta, Advisor
Partner at Higher Ground Labs, former Finance Director at Obama Campaign, advisor to the FCC, and special assistant to the White House Counsel
Richard Frankel, Advisor
Investor and Advisor for non-profit and start-ups, former President & Founder at Rocket Fuel and Senior Director at Yahoo!
Mike Winterfield, Advisor
CEO and Fund Manager at Active Impact Investments

Sonia Sarao, Product Advisor
VP of Product at Groove.co and Expert-in-Residence for Rippleworks
Tim Bray, Product Advisor
Former VP/Distinguished Engineer at Amazon Web Services, current advisor at Yalo

Want to join team New/Mode?

New/Mode is an equity-seeking organization. People who identify as being from marginalized communities, including women, Indigenous peoples, racialized people, people with disabilities, people identifying as LGBTQ2, and people from low-income backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply.