Mission: empower real people and communities to participate in decisions that impact our lives. Join us.

Open Positions


Being  an equity-seeking organization has  been at New/Mode’s core from day one. 

People who identify as being from communities facing systemic barriers to employment, including women, Indigenous peoples, racialized people, people with disabilities, LGBTQ2+, and people from low-income backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply.

Why your future teammates work at New/Mode

  • Engage in work that does GOOD in the world - “The work I do at New/Mode has a positive impact in the world and helps advance some of the most important causes of our time.” (Barkha, Senior Quality Analyst)
  • Be empowered and collaborative - “At New/Mode I can connect with anyone across the organization, get to know other functions, and see how the work I do drives our mission forward.” (Ben, Campaign Strategist)


What you get at New/Mode

  • You become a company owner - Team members receive company options (reserved shares) as part of their offer and the opportunity to become owners.
  • Your wellbeing comes first - Paid vacation, sick leave and health benefits are there when you need them. Just as importantly, so are your teammates. We take care of one another so we can be our best for the important causes we support.
  • Your schedule works for you - If you need to rearrange work to care for an eldery family member, pick up a child, or to take part in a hackathon, cricket championship, the the paralympics, Diwali celebrations, or a volunteer opportunity, our default is find a way to make it work for you and your team.
  • You’re always learning and improving - New/Mode is a fast-paced, growing and evolving company. Everyone is learning new things together, biting off ambitious new projects and empowering team-members to take initiative on new opportunities.

Who you are

If you believe in a new mode of operation based on the following core values, and wish to partner with people and organizations who share them, New/Mode might be the organization you are looking to join.
  • Empowerment. Empower people to speak in their own voice and take action.
  • Collaboration. Aim to help build a society that embraces new tools and processes for sharing and cooperation.
  • Empathy. Celebrate and engage with diversity, uncover others' needs, and find common ground and shared wins.
  • Participation. Believe decision-making should be open, transparent, collaborative and focused on those who will be most impacted in their daily lives.
  • Sustainability. Help create more sustainable, vibrant, and resilient communities.
  • Fairness. Work towards a fairer economy and society.
Beyond living by our shared values, you will love New/Mode if you work with a commitment to team and customer success. Folks who thrive own their work and take initiative; work with autonomy and the intention of obtaining mastery; work openly and transparently; build others up, empower those around them, assume best intentions and work with best intentions for the team; and are driven to identify underlying needs and problems and find the right solutions.