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New/Mode is the multi-channel platform that organizations, campaigns and causes use to win on the issues. Launch your campaign in the US, Canada, UK, EU or Australia today.

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Reach Decision Makers In Every Channel

Whether you're a local grassroots movement or a long established organization, the New/Mode platform includes all the tools you need to effectively mobilize real people in your communities and reach decision-makers in every single channel,

Your New/Mode subscription includes access to local, state/provincial and federal elected officials around the world, plus candidates or custom targets.

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Expand Your Reach

Get Access to Global Data

Subscription to New/Mode includes access to a robust global dataset. Expand your reach with the most comprehensive and accurate list of targets in the world at every level of government.

We currently operate in the US, Canada, the UK, the EU and Australia with our advanced targeting platform makes it possible to campaign almost anywhere in the world.

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Campaign Targetting
Improved Conversion

Conversion Rate 8-30X Better Than Symbolic Petitions

Multi-channel engagement is the most effective way to acquire new supporters, engage your current supporters at a deeper-level, and successfully pressure decision-makers.

Have an impact at every level of engagement from municipal and small local issues to huge international issues.

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Building Community Power

When we learn together, we win together. We host regular webinars and collaborate with awesome community partners to develop strategy guides and case studies.

Built By Advocates For Advocates

Start Building Power in Just 1 Hour

Launch your new advocacy campaign with our built-in action pages. No website is required or easily embed the campaign in your site.

The New/Mode platform is built by campaigners for campaigners and uses an easy to follow checklists that let you know when you're ready to go live.

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Harmonize Your Digital Ecosystem

Easily Connect New/Mode to Your CRM

Connect your favourite CRM and all of your New/Mode campaign data is automatically synced back. 

Have the names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers of all your action takers at your fingertips ready to be nurtured to the next big action or big ask.

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New Mode Advocacy Software
A Community of Campaigners

Gain Power From The Global Community

When you join New/Mode, you're not just subscribing to a campaigning platform. You're joining a powerful community of campaigners and organizers like you.

You'll have access to our community Slack channel and online knowledge base as well as training webinars and town halls about issues like yours.

You can be assured that New/Mode's platform will never be used by regressive forces working against our communities.

We're already working with 600 of the most awesome campaigns winning progress on the most important issues of our time.

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Advocacy is in our DNA

We're Campaigners Too

When you subscribe to New/Mode you're joining a community. We'll meet 1:1 to discuss your campaign goals and show you the ins and outs of the platform. There's no charge for training – because we want you to be successful and rock your campaigns.

If you need an extra hand launching your campaign, we also offer professional services.

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NewMode Team

Live webinar

Are you looking to increase the impact of your advocacy campaigns? 

Join us on May 25th for a free live-webinar with Kate Lesniak, Abbey Piazza  and Louis Couillard to learn how you can combine powerful digital advocacy tactics with empowering user-journeys to build real supporter relationships, community power and lasting impact. This webinar will include real life examples and a Q&A with digital advocacy and CRM experts.

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Our affordable annual and monthly pricing makes it possible for causes, campaigns and organizations of all sizes to launch today

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