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Activate grassroots power to make your community impossible to ignore.

It's how modern campaigns stand out: your supporters’ stories, everywhere decision-makers look.

You’re ready to go beyond symbolic petitions, passive website visits and disengaged social media followers.

Here's how it works...

New/Mode Engagement Pyramid
New/Mode Targeted Engagement

Targeted Engagement

It's how modern campaigns stand out: your supporters’ stories, everywhere decision-makers look. We call it “Full Spectrum Engagement”, and it’s designed to fill the communications channels that matter most with real stories from your supporters.  It's time to become impossible to ignore.

Community Power

Use the best practices for online engagement developed by leading campaign strategists.

Your Message Everywhere

The voices of your supporters breaking through on every modern communications channel.

Meaningful Relationships

Meet your community where they are and build the deep meaningful relationships needed to make sustained change.

Networked Scale

Unleash viral message growth with the power of real stories and networked-campaigning.

Your results

  • Empowered Supporters
  • Deeper relationships with your community
  • Viral growth through social sharing
  • Build power and stronger movements
  • Shape debates, be heard, and win

At its core, full-spectrum engagement is about building meaningful relationships with both supporters and the targets of campaigns.

We’re facing a crisis in our democracies. A recent study by Edelman found that trust in institutions including governments and NGOs fell between 10 and 20 points from previous studies.

This growing mistrust extends to our communities enabling entrenched interests to increasingly shape the most important issues of our time.We need to grow real community power to ensure those in positions of power make the right decisions.  

It’s important to be data driven, but we have to build relationships and communities, not just lists and data points.

Gone are the days when campaigners could hope to make change without the credibility of an engaged powerful constituency behind us.

Community power is driving today’s most successful campaigns. We need to meet both decision-makers and supporters where they are, with the modern communication channels they prefer to use.

We’re passionate about full-spectrum engagement because it will help campaigners win. But we also firmly believe effective engagement can help create the more  resilient communities in these turbulent times.

It’s time to scale up our efforts to meet the challenges before us. New/Mode is here to help.



This engagement framework foregrounds community power and relationship building at a critical time when bots and social media manipulation make authentic distributed communications essential for any campaigner.

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