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Activate grassroots power to influence decisions and win change.

It's how modern campaigns stand out: your supporters’ voices in the channels decision-makers pay attention to.

Are you ready to go beyond symbolic petitions, passive website visits and disengaged social media followers?

Conversion rates for New/Mode's advocacy and civic engagement platform are 6-20x better than signup and pledge pages.

New/Mode Engagement Pyramid
New/Mode Targeted Engagement

Multi-Channel Engagement

Your supporters’ voices and stories in every communications channel, making it impossible for decision-makers to ignore. 

Community Power

Use the best practices for online engagement developed by leading campaign strategists.

Your Message Everywhere

The voices of your supporters breaking through on every modern communications channel.

Meaningful Relationships

Meet your community where they are and build the deep meaningful relationships needed to make sustained change.

Networked Scale

Unleash viral message growth with the power of real stories and networked-campaigning.