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Letters to the editor

Make it easy for supporters to publish their stories (and your message) in local papers. Use our dashboard to track your impact in real-time.
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New/Mode Letters to editor tool
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Get Published

Empower your supporters to easily send their stories to their 5 closest newspapers. Randomize subject lines and content to deliver an original authentic story to editors. Add in your key facts, talking points, and taglines to ensure message consistency.
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Flexible and Easy to Use

Dead simple for campaigners to use. Embeddable into any website, integrates out-of-the-box with your other technologies with ready-made templates. Use our built in best practices or customize your Letter to The Editor tool so it looks just how you want it. We make it easy.
New/Mode Powerfull Tracking

Powerful Tracking

Use our special catch and release feature to ensure editors see the best stories from your supporters. Monitor engagement in real time with key metrics at your fingertips. Use our built-in Google Alerts feature to help track newspaper letters that are published online.
New/Mode We’re there for you

We’re there for you

New/Mode isn’t just a platform, it’s a community. All subscribers enjoy access to our Slack community of expert campaigners, strategists, data experts, New/Mode partner agencies, and generally awesome people. We’re here to help you harness civic action.

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It’s time to scale up our campaign tactics to meet the challenges of our times.
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