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Activate Your Supporters and Elevate Your Campaigns

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Broadcast SMS Actions & Chatbot

Send a text that automatically triggers an instant email, tweet or call to your local representative (or custom target). Identify potential issues-based supporters and voters.

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Targeted Petitions & Emails

Invite constituents to pledge to vote, and challenge other candidates and incumbents on the issues you care about. Reach elected officials, candidates and other decision-makers by email using our international location-based lookups.

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Calls to Decision-Makers

Connect your supporters directly with decision-makers on the phone. Provide a personal message and helpful talking points.

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Tweet Storm

Tag decision-makers in thousands of posts to make your campaign and issue go viral.

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Letters to the Editor

Invite supporters to easily send personal letters to local publications and shape the public and media narrative on your issue.

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Stand out by going old-school and reach offices with faxes they can't ignore.

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Benefits & Testimonials

Grow Your Community, Amplify Voices and Win

"New/Mode provides a wide variety of tools to help engage supporters in taking actions that will make a real policy difference. Whether it's emailing, calling, tweeting, writing letters to the editor, or many of the newer features with social media integration, these tools help provide many different channels to help reach supporters where they are at, and to also increase their participation in future actions."

Mazdak G.
Digital Systems Strategist

Engage Supporters on Every Channel

New/Mode works seamlessly with the best CRM and website tools you already have. Launch instant Action Pages, send broadcast SMS and much more.


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We support campaigns in the US, UK, EU, Australia and Canada. Customize your campaign, target your audience and more.


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