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About Us

We are campaigners like you, working for a fairer and more sustainable world.

We founded one of the world’s largest and most successful online campaigning organizations, OpenMedia, and led campaigns for progressive advocacy organizations and politicians. Our founders saw the power of community-driven campaigns first-hand.

Now, we’re putting the powerful tools used by the world’s leading campaigns into more campaigners’ pockets.

HGL LOGONew/Mode is a proud Higher Ground Labs portfolio company. HGL is building an ecosystem for political technology to help progressives win.

New/Mode's Values Commitment

New/Mode is a values-based platform, providing targeted engagement tools that activate grassroots power to help campaigns win. New/Mode is proud to be supported and owned by a network of non-profit organizations and social impact investors.

We are an open platform for people and organizations working toward a better more just world. New/Mode is not a partisan enterprise.  

We operate based on the following values commitment. 

We believe in a new mode of operation based on the following core principles, and partner with people and organizations who share them.

  1. Empowerment. We empower people to speak in their own voice and take action.
  2. Collaboration. We aim to help build a society that embraces new tools and processes for sharing and cooperation.
  3. Participation. We believe decision-making should be open, transparent, collaborative, and focused on those who will be most impacted in their daily lives.
  4. Sustainability. We help create more sustainable, vibrant, and resilient communities.
  5. Fairness. We work towards a fairer economy and society.

We take our values seriously at New/Mode and we have gone a step further by embedding our values commitment into our Term of Service.

Per our Terms of Service New/Mode subscribers are not permitted to:

  1. Promote or undertake any illegal activity.
  2. Promote the limitation of civil, democratic or minority rights.
  3. Promote non-renewable resource extraction.
  4. Promote low wages, precarious work or the undermining of worker rights.
  5. Promote homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, classist or otherwise hateful speech.
  6. Promote regressive taxation and privatization of services.
  7. Promote violence, warfare, or colonization.

Content that violates our terms of service may be removed and offending subscribers may lose access to our services.

In addition to our values and dedication to building civic tech for public good, New/Mode is contractually bound to work with “nonprofit, cooperative, or charitable organizations that create benefits for the communities that they serve”.  New/Mode also specifically contributes to the work of digital rights non-profit organization OpenMedia. We want to help rejuvenate democratic engagement.

New/Mode builds tools using open source software and we contribute back to the open source community while using GPL licenses in everything we release. We embrace open web standards/protocols, build open source software, support the Open Supporter Data Interface and we’re committed to utilizing Creative Commons licenses for content.  New/Mode hopes to provide anonymized civic data and analysis as a shared public resource (rather than strictly a commodity) to help researchers and individuals better society. 

New/Mode is supported and owned by a network of non-profit organizations and social impact investors. We are grateful to our partial owner, digital rights organization OpenMedia, which we grew out of, as well as early supporter Vancity Credit Union. All full-time staff members are also provided with an ownership stake in the enterprise and New/Mode is committed to provide all staff a living wage and benefits.

New/Mode has adopted OpenMedia’s operating principles and principles for civic engagement. Non-executive staff enjoy shareholder rights including access to organization information and decision-making by virtue of their ownership stake. Internally we utilize a participatory approach to decision-making such as the “advice process”.

Rather than looking at the world as a series of isolated enterprises and individuals, New/Mode sees its varied collaborators -- from advisers, to contractors, to platform subscribers, to service providers -- as part of a shared cooperative network that is building value and a better future together. New/Mode tools are designed to fuel empowered civic engagement and networked campaigning.

Campaign Strategists

Tom Liacas
Senior Strategist, Netchange
Jason Mogus
Principal Strategist, Netchange
Campaign Strategist

Community Strategist

Digital Campaign Advisors

 Ex-Purpose.com, Chief of Staff of Here Now climate campaign / Purpose Climate Lab, Impact Producer
 Campaign Manager, SumOfUs
Senior Campaign Director at DailyKos
Organizing Director, Indivisible Movement
Campaign Manager at SumOfUS and Momentum Core Team Member and Lead Trainer
Deputy Political Director, CREDO
Field Manager, PFLAG.org
Brett Gaylor
Commissioning Editor for Advocacy Media, Mozilla

Other Senior Advisors

Partner at Higher Ground Labs, Co-Founder 270 Strategies, former National Digital Organizing Director at Obama Campaign 
Partner at Higher Ground Labs, former Finance Director at Obama Campaign, advisor to the FCC, and special assistant to the White House Counsel
Partner at Higher Ground Labs, Former Deputy CTO of the United States, CEO of Digg and Instapaper
CEO and Fund Manager at Active Impact Investments
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