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Activate grassroots power.
Reach decision-makers.
Win campaigns.

Community power is driving the most successful campaigns. Use New/Mode's engagement tools to connect supporters directly with decision-makers in every communications channel. 
New/Mode One-click calling tool
Connect supporters with decision-makers and create call campaigns too powerful to be ignored.
New/Mode Letters to the editor tool
Help supporters quickly share their stories with local media, and shape the narrative on your issue. 
New/Mode One-click email tool
Reach decision-makers quickly with our advanced location-based lookup or your own custom lists.
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New/Mode Targeted Engagement

Targeted Engagement

It's how modern campaigns stand out: your supporters’ stories, everywhere decision-makers look. We call it “Full Spectrum Engagement”, and it’s designed to fill the communications channels that matter most with real stories from your supporters.  It's time to become impossible to ignore.

Community Power

Embrace best practices for online engagement developed by leading campaign strategists.

Your Message Everywhere

The voices of your supporters breaking through on every modern communications channel.

Meaningful Relationships

Meet your community where they are and build the deep meaningful relationships needed to make sustained change.

Networked Scale

Unleash viral message growth with the power of real stories and networked-campaigning.
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  • Powerful engagement tools
  • Easy to Use
  • Integrate with everyone
  • Affordably Priced
  • Made by movement partners
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