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Beyond Nov 3rd: Advocacy strategy for the days, weeks and months ahead

Nov 19th
10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET
Jose Nunez, Director of Digital Organizing at Biden for President
Yash Mori, Digital Director, Indivisible
Bridget Todd, Communications Director, UltraViolet
Valentine Ollawa, Director of Client Success, Mobilize

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2020/11/19 1:00 PM EST

Participating Organizations

Whether it’s a contested result or a flat-out refusal to transfer power, our communities will be a powerful force when called to act in the coming days. Join this roundtable discussion to help brainstorm advocacy contingency plans and share strategies for keeping our supporters ready to go for the next 76 days. We’ll also invite speakers and participants to share tips for making sure their issue(s) are top of mind for the first 100 days of a new administration. Join us!

About The Moderators

Mikey Franklin
Senior Campaign Advisor, New/Mode US

Mikey Franklin started organizing when he walked out of his primary school to protest the Iraq War, and hasn’t stopped since. He has worked for nonprofits, electoral campaigns, and trade unions in the UK and US, and now works to help connect progressive organizations with digital tools to empower their members and scale their impact. He lives in Washington DC with his wife and two young daughters, and hopes to one day have a dog.

Natasha Madison
VP of Community & Partnerships, New/Mode

Natasha is on a mission to build a strong and supportive ecosystem of empowered campaigners, technology providers, expert strategists and movement partners to win more just and sustainable change. 

Prior to joining New/Mode, Natasha was the Digital Director at cStreet Campaigns where she helped labour, NGO and political clients build progressive movements across Canada, the US and Australia. Previously, Natasha worked in leadership roles with Canadian Women's Foundation, Canadian Youth Business Foundation and CUSO International. Her free time is spent outside, petting dogs and tweeting pictures of cars in bike lanes.

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