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Making your issue an election issue

Jack Milroy, Defiance Digital
Mikey Franklin, New/Mode

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Making your issue an election issue: A live webinar

Is your organisation prepared for the upcoming Australian federal election?

If you're reading this you probably pay close attention to politics year-round, but we know most people only really start to tune in once an election has been called. That's why the upcoming Australian federal election is a huge opportunity for unions, advocacy organisations, NGO's and other campaigning organisations to get their issues on the map and get policy commitments from the major parties.

Join Jack Milroy and Mikey Franklin, two campaigners with experience on dozens of campaigns across Australia, the US, Canada and the UK, for a collaborative discussion about how to make your issue an election issue.

The workshop will cover:
- How to strategically choose and frame your election issue to maximise your chances of attracting attention during the campaign.
- How to secure commitments from parties and candidates around your issue.
- How to select the right digital tools and platforms to power your campaign.

[50 minutes + Q&A]

About The Speakers

Jack Milroy
Director & Principal Consultant, Defiance

Jack Milroy is a consultant working with ambitious unions and progressive organizations to leverage technology and digital practices to build deep engagement with members and supporters. He brings a unique perspective: combining extensive organizing experience along with best practices techniques from the start up world to help leaders drive change in their organizations. 

He is an experienced digital strategist, organizing director and campaigner. He has worked as a senior organizer and strategist at leading progressive organizations in Australia and Canada: Leadnow, United Voice, Vision Vancouver, and the BC NDP. He has lead national distributed organizing networks, built grassroots political power, run voter contact in election campaigns, and developed political and lobbying campaigns on behalf of union members.

In 2015 he joined the team at NationBuilder's headquarters in Los Angeles, working with customers across the US, Canada, Australia, NZ, and South East Asia to leverage technology to run organizing campaigns.

Jack lives in Tasmania, Australia and is currently working with clients in North America and Australia.

Mikey Franklin (Moderator)
Senior Partnership Strategist, New/Mode

Mikey Franklin started organizing when he walked out of his primary school to protest the Iraq War, and hasn’t stopped since.

He has worked for nonprofits, electoral campaigns, and trade unions in the UK and US, and now works to help connect progressive organizations with digital tools to empower their members and scale their impact. He lives in Washington DC with his wife and two young daughters, and hopes to one day have a dog.

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