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Design for Change: Best Practices for Campaign UX/UI

Monday, Apr 8
10am EST/3pm GMT
Mar Spada, Chief Creative Officer
Natasha Madison, Director of Community

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2019/04/08 10:00 AM EST

The tools of today are changing the dynamic in the relationship between people and institutions. From community efforts to massive global campaigns, from outcast turned election winners to constituents in their living rooms having a seat at the table in government’s decisions. Technology is at the core of this change. This webinar provides strategic advice and practical tips for planning, designing and developing the best possible campaign website or landing page to maximize reach, conversions, and overall impact. Attend this webinar if you're a member of a digital, comms or web team for your campaign or cause, and you’re looking to deepen engagement with your community and move more people to take action.


Digital design has the potential to accelerate your campaign. If you prioritize people at the center of it.


Avoiding unintentional misrepresentation – the importance of colour and imagery in different political and social contexts.


Turning your website into a real action centre and powerhouse for engagement. 

About The Trainers

Mariana Spada
Chief Creative Officer, Tectonica Digital Campaign Studios

Mariana is the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer for Tectonica Digital Campaign Solutions, a multi awarded agency recently recognized with the Reed Award for Best International Firm. As a partner of the company, she has lead more than 250 projects for a wide variety of clients in over 27 countries, and helped some of the world’s largest political parties and advocacy forces to align and strengthen their digital strategies to increase their impact.

Thanks to these opportunities, Mariana has grown a strong experience in the field of digital design for progressive movements, and believes technology is a fundamental tool to create real dialogue among constituents, and to strengthen democracy within societies. She also believes in the need for virtual spaces that are safe, accessible, and allow individuals from all different backgrounds to have a voice in the decisions that affect their lives.

Natasha Madison
Director of Community and Partnerships, New/Mode

Natasha is building a strong and supportive ecosystem of empowered campaigners, technology providers, expert strategists and movement partners. 

Prior to joining New/Mode, Natasha was the Digital Director at cStreet Campaigns where she helped labour, NGO and political clients build progressive movements across Canada, the US and Australia. Previously, Natasha worked in leadership roles with Canadian Women's Foundation, Canadian Youth Business Foundation and CUSO International. 

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