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Culture Shift: How Ecojustice Learned to Embrace Digital Advocacy & Integrated Campaigns

Thursday, December 6
1pm EST
Kimberly Shearon, Ecojustice

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2018/12/06 01:00 PM EST

In late 2015, Ecojustice launched a fledgling digital advocacy program. Before that, digital had always been pretty much synonymous with fundraising. But as Ecojustice learned, it was their donors who wanted more ways to engage. Learn about one organization's digital evolution, from the 'why' to the 'how' of ensuring the sum of the whole is greater than its parts.

Lesson IRL #1:

Changing the culture, or how they convinced a bunch of a lawyers to give this digital advocacy thing a shot.

Lesson IRL #2:

Tapping into your North Star, or why grounding engagement in your mission leads to powerful results. 

Lesson IRL #3:

A new way of thinking about integration, or why it’s not about channels, it’s about strategy.

About The Host

Kimberly Shearon
Director of Strategic Communications, Ecojustice
Kimberly was born and raised on Vancouver’s North Shore, where she dreamed of becoming a journalist and changing the world. After a five-year foray out east for university and bouncing around some of the country’s top newsrooms, she turned in her media pass and joined the Ecojustice team. It has proven to be the perfect home for her and her love of em dashes, bicycles and wandering through the woods.
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