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Understanding What Works (and what doesn't) with Google Analytics

Wednesday, Nov 13
1pm ET
Eric Squair, Data Habits
Natasha Madison, New/Mode

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2019/11/13 1:00 PM EST

Reaching out to new and existing supporters is key to your campaign success - but do you know what's working and what's not with your email, ads and social media? Learn how to use Google Analytics to improve the effectiveness and impact of your online work. This webinar will focus on three simple steps to reduce the overwhelm of Google Analytics and generate insights to help you win campaigns. If you want to understand what sticks when you throw it at the online wall then this webinar is for you. [40 mins + Q&A]


Understand three key features of Google Analytics that help you generate insights into your online work.


Reduce overwhelm with an overview of the key features and benefits of this tool.


Download and install Google Analytics dashboards that will help you make the most of this tool.

About The Trainers

Eric Squair
Founder, Data Habits

Eric Squair is the founder of the web analytics consultancy Data Habits. Since 2012 Eric has helped organizations better understand and utilize the insights from Google Analytics and other sources of online data in order to improve their websites, social media, online ads and email efforts. Eric has worked with clients including Greenpeace, Amnesty International and IFAW, as well as national and local election campaigns. He is based in Toronto, Canada.

Natasha Madison
Director of Community and Partnerships, New/Mode

Natasha is building a strong and supportive ecosystem of empowered campaigners, technology providers, expert strategists and movement partners. 

Prior to joining New/Mode, Natasha was the Digital Director at cStreet Campaigns where she helped labour, NGO and political clients build progressive movements across Canada, the US and Australia. Previously, Natasha worked in leadership roles with Canadian Women's Foundation, Canadian Youth Business Foundation and CUSO International. 

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