New/Mode’s Listening Tour: Building Community Power

The New/Mode platform and community was founded by progressive campaigners to scale the impact of our work.

In 2021 we want to answer the following question: How can New/Mode and our partners meet the most pressing needs of our community in this unique moment?

To answer that question we’re launching the Building Community Power Listening Tour!

The listening tour involves New/Mode and partners using every means at our disposal to collect input and facilitate discussions on this topic. It will include engagement with our community as far and as wide as possible, matched with deep listening of a small diverse cross section of folks.  

We want to answer 3 core questions:

  1. What campaign tactics are working and not working in this period of economic and public health recovery? 
  2. What resources, tools, and other assets do campaigners need to ensure we have a recovery that helps us overcome oppressions and centers human dignity and justice? 
  3. How can progressive campaigns help rejuvenate, re-imagine and transform democratic institutions so they meet the needs of our communities?

How will we collect answers to these questions? The short answer is any way possible. 

The longer answer is: 

  1. Deep Listening: Direct interviews with progressive campaigners, strategists and tech providers.
  2. Facilitated community discussions through video, events and social media.
  3. Progressive campaign tactics surveys.
  4. Data analysis of the 40 million+ civic actions that have taken place on New/Mode’s platform, plus data from other campaign tech partners. 
  5. A series of platform experiments and case studies. 
  6. Regularly sharing what we’ve learned via blogs and short reports and soliciting feedback from our community.

Who is invited? All campaigners that align with our values.

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