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Kim Wysseier (she/her)

Director of People & Culture

Kim is our New/Mode Director of People & Culture. After ten years of HR leadership including six in the high-tech sector, Kim finally found New/Mode - a purpose-driven organization and a team of amazing people living values that resonate with her own.

As a passionate advocate for social justice, fairness and global equity, Kim partnered with organizations supporting people living with mental health illnesses, street-entrenched and homeless individuals, and families fleeing domestic violence both in Canada and in Switzerland where she grew up. She is convinced that our world would be a better place for everyone if it was designed and co-created to be accessible and inclusive of all peoples.

The opportunity to blend social equity values shared with a passion for high-tech is why New/Mode and Kim were meant to be together.

Outside of work, Kim and her family keep active enjoying the beautiful Vancouver outdoors, always meeting new friends, and walking their pomeranian Teabear. With her spouse, Babak, they proudly empower their two daughters Kaly and Karu to live full and mindful lives.

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