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Emma Blue (she/her)

Associate Product Manager

Emma's obsessed with how to use technology to build the capacity of social movements.

Emma is New/Mode's Associate Product Manager, a role that combines her loves of social justice, open source tech, process facilitation, and user research.

Her love of community organizing started at 11 years old, when she participated in the Young Adults for Obama ning back in 2008. Ever since, she's been obsessed with creating spaces where those most impacted have the most power to set community priorities. For four and a half years, Emma worked as the Director of Advocacy at Young London, supporting youth councillors to learn how to advocate politically and ensure their projects are based on constituents' needs. As a Technical Project Coordinator at Digital Echidna, Emma loved working to align vastly different stakeholder groups toward a clear vision, and using open source technology to solve user problems.

In her spare time, Emma can be found reading creative non-fiction, watching media criticism video essays on Youtube, and baking too much dessert and then eating it all at once.

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