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Clea Arrieta (she/her)

People Operations Manager

Clea Arrieta is New/Mode’s People Operations Manager, responsible for all things people experience and operations.

While this role will continue to grow and develop based on the team’s needs, the foundation of Clea’s role is to make sure all of New/Mode’s employees feel like they can be their full selves at work, and have their diverse needs and experiences heard, understood, celebrated, and met.

Prior to joining New/Mode, Clea worked at lululemon and supported their Talent Acquisition Team with building out onboarding processes, elevating new hire experiences, and creating the foundations of their IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Action) department.

When Clea is not glued to her computer in Zoom networking events or socials, you can find her running along the Seawall, hanging out in a neighbourhood coffee shop, or ordering food delivery with her partner.

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