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Activating Grassroots Power


The Issue

Back in June 2018, we published a case study on Beyond the Bomb’s campaign to impede President Trump’s unilateral authority to launch a nuclear weapon and start a global nuclear war. As of January 2020, the president has escalated existing tensions between the US and Iran by executing the assassination of General Soleimani, an act of war that took place without Congressional approval—or the approval of the American people.

The #NoWarWithIran campaign is helping Americans push Congress to check Presidential war powers across the board. Citizens across the country are contacting their representatives at every level to make their voices heard—and it’s working. On January 9, the House of Representatives voted 224–194 to pass a non-binding War Powers Resolution to limit the president's ability to pursue military actions against Iran without congressional consent.

More Organizations Advocating for #NoWarWithIran

Beyond the Bomb is just one example of many organizations who are spearheading the #NoWarWithIran movement. Consider taking a look at any of the following to see how they’re conducting their initiatives:

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The Challenge

Most people would agree that giving an impeached president the unchecked, unilateral authority to launch a nuclear weapon first is a disaster waiting to happen. However, many Americans were unaware that such a loophole existed until Trump hit the button. The #NoWarWithIran campaign seeks to educate and empower citizens to make it clear to the government that this unchecked privilege is inexcusable.

Tool Highlight: One-Click Email

Using New/Mode’s one-click email tool, Beyond the Bomb and similar organizations are able to mobilize their supporters and give concerned Americans a direct line to make themselves heard.

Are you looking for a way to help rally supporters to stop the potential war in Iran in its tracks? Here are some tips and advantages to using one-click email in your advocacy campaign:

  • Using Smart Targeting, supporters can one-click email state representatives in the House and the Senate, reaching any stakeholders who can play a key part in pushing the bills through Congress.
  • Time is vital when it comes to the potential for nuclear war. This is a fast and simple tool that works seamlessly with other technologies and best practices. Campaigners like Beyond the Bomb need real-time engagement metrics to best respond to current events.
  • People care about these issues, but it’s not always easy to engage them. In the face of potential warfare, people can feel powerless. However, it’s easy to reach people through social media action sharing and effective mobile integration.
  • There are a number of organizations working hard to prevent more war in the Middle East. This tool lets you randomize and vary subject lines and talking points to deploy engaging and impactful letters. Even better, this format allows for supporters to speak in their own voice if they choose.


Two identical bills named ‘Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act of 2019’ have been introduced and referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Senate’s Committee on Foreign Relations respectively. 62 representatives from 27 states have supported Bill 669, and 13 senators from 11 states have supported Bill 200. However, no action has been taken on these bills since their introduction and referral in early 2019.

Beyond the Bomb’s campaign has seen over a thousand emails sent to state reps demanding change. The campaign is also encouraging concerned people everywhere to send letters to their nearest news outlets to further amplify the cause.



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1 bill in Congress & 1 bill in Senate to limit the President’s authority to use nuclear weapons



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