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Launch of BCVoters.ca enables British Columbians to contact election candidates with the click of a button

Democratic engagement just got a whole lot easier today, thanks to the launch of BCvoters.ca, a new website where BC voters can get in touch with their election candidates at the click of a button—by phone, email, and on Twitter. The first-of-its-kind website was launched by Vancouver-based social enterprise, New/Mode, whose mission is to enable democratic participation in the digital age. Continue reading

You are probably wondering, why build a faxing tool now?

At New/Mode we’re focused on empowering supporters of today’s most important causes to influence decision-makers. Symbolic campaigns have their place, but we’re passionate about civic engagement tools that influence decisions that shape our world—for the better. Continue reading

Get to know our Tools and Meet the Team

Started through award-winning civic engagement organization, OpenMedia, New/Mode is reimagining democratic engagement in the digital age. As campaigners and digital natives, we weren’t satisfied with existing advocacy applications—we already discussed how the world has changed and digital engagement is essential—so we’re building the tools today’s campaigns need to empower their supporters, influence decision-makers and win. Our aim is to power democratic participation wherever the open Internet exists.    Continue reading

Help us build a global platform for civic engagement

New/Mode, OpenMedia and others are coming together to build a global civic engagement toolkit that we hope will empower the open Internet movement around the world. Continue reading

Digital tools for Digital Rights Campaigners

In today’s world a good digital advocacy strategy helps digital rights campaigners win. Without one, an organization’s campaign is on its way to a crushing defeat. Continue reading

Historic gains made by Brescia Faculty Association towards achieving pay equity, a case study

Brescia Faculty Association (BFA), with support from Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA), led a focused and effective letter campaign to close the gender wage gap at Brescia University College. UsingNew/Mode's One-Click E-Mail Your Representative tool, BFA received almost 600 letters of support in just one week urging the Brescia Principal and Board Chair to take steps to pay its professors a fair and equal salary at Canada's only women's university. As a result, they were able to secure an agreement bringing Brescia predominantly female faculty workloads and salaries in line with those of their peer institutions. Continue reading

New/Mode's founders, Steve Anderson & Shamus Reid, show how our team has used the NewMode Toolbox to target decision-makers and win major policy victories.

Earlier this year New/Mode's founders, Steve Anderson and Shamus Reid, walked through a case study, showing how the New/Mode team has used the NewMode Toolbox to target decision-makers and win major policy victories. Continue reading

Delivering Community Power: A Case Study

Maximizing their digital engagement, the Delivering Community Power network has been using New/Mode’s sophisticated, user-friendly tools to mobilize people in Canada to participate in a 2-stage governmental public Review of Canada Post, and to support the network’s innovative plan to use our postal infrastructure to address some of Canada’s most pressing climate and economic challenges. We’re proud that New/Mode tools played a role in this exciting project. Continue reading