You are probably wondering, why build a faxing tool now?

You are probably wondering, why build a faxing tool now?

We have a simple answer: Faxes are difficult to ignore - especially if a critical mass of faxes are sent at one time. Some government insiders say faxes have more impact than other mediums.

At New/Mode we believe in full spectrum civic engagement that utilizes as many channels of communications as possible (email, phone, twitter/Facebook, newspapers, fax). Each has its own pros and cons, and they are best used together over time.

The strength of adding faxes into your civic engagement mix (besides providing another opportunity to engage supporters in your cause), is that in many cases an actual physical piece of paper is printed right inside a decision-maker's office. This physical element is enhanced when the letter comes from a local constituent or a community leader / organization, which our New/Mode tool makes possible.


Faxing civic expression is also very fitting for government consultations that sometimes don’t treat citizen emails with the respect they should.

In short, a rapidly filling email inbox is difficult to ignore, but heads really start to turn when that’s combined with an overflowing fax machine. This is why some faxing services in the US are reporting a 20% jump in recent months, largely attributed to political campaigns.

At New/Mode we’re focused on empowering supporters of today’s most important causes to influence decision-makers. Symbolic campaigns have their place, but we’re passionate about civic engagement tools that influence decisions that shape our world—for the better. We want to leave a mark.

That’s why today we’re proud to make available a powerful, automated and dead simple One-Click Fax Your Representative tool that should be on the wishlist of any group that aspires to run effective civic engagement campaigns.

How does it work?

We’re glad you asked.


Our One-Click Fax Your Representative tool works much the same as our One-Click Email Your Representative tool. A supporter lands on the page and enters their letter or approves something you’ve pre-written. Then they hit submit and the magic happens—a piece of paper is printed out in your target’s office. 

Even cooler, you can use the tool for coalition outreach and influence. Partner organizations can upload a logo to an endorsement letter, along with information about the constituents they represent. When they hit submit, a formatted letter of endorsement is automatically faxed to the target(s). No more time spent on the phone and buried in e-mail chains to solicit endorsement letters!

What does it Cost:

Putting this together took some doing but we’re committed to making civic engagement accessible.

*This promotional offer will be available until May 15th, at which point prices will increase.

Please contact to learn more.

Thanks to our growing network of New/Mode subscribers for inspiring us to improve our services. Keep up the great work folks.