Help us build a global platform for civic engagement

Help us build a global platform for civic engagement

New/Mode, OpenMedia and others are coming together to build a global civic engagement toolkit that we hope will empower the open Internet movement around the world.

The toolkit currently includes three cutting edge beta tools with more to come:

  1. One-Click Petition and E-Mail Your Representative
  2. Automated Letters To The Editor
  3. One-Click Call Your Representative
  4. One-Click Tweet @ Your Representative 

We envision a world-class global civic engagement platform for digital rights advocates and you can help us get there.

We’ve identified government representative data sources for 233 countries!  Now we just need help filling out and connecting our tools to those databases. 

This is not an insurmountable problem. If we join together to fill in the gaps we can empower digital rights advocates and others working for change around the globe.

If you’re at MozFest this weekend come to our session at 2pm on Saturday.

And wether you’re at Mozfest or not please contribute to our project on GitHub: 

You can also get involved by connecting with