Get to know our Tools and Meet the Team

Get to know our Tools and Meet the Team

Started through award-winning civic engagement organization, OpenMedia, New/Mode is reimagining democratic engagement in the digital age. As campaigners and digital natives, we weren’t satisfied with existing advocacy applications—we already discussed how the world has changed and digital engagement is essential—so we’re building the tools today’s campaigns need to empower their supporters, influence decision-makers and win. Our aim is to power democratic participation wherever the open Internet exists. 

So what exactly are these sophisticated, winning tools we are talking about?

1. One-Click Petition / Email Your Representative

Supercharge your petitions with an e-mail message every time someone signs. Or, let supporters edit and send a personal message. The e-mail your representative tool is designed to maximize conversions, with customization to fit your campaign.

Features include:

  • Database of all municipal, provincial and federal elected officials across Canada
  • Ability to add custom targets, such as corporate executives
  • Postal code lookup of supporter’s local representative

2. Automated Letter to the Editor

We know decision-makers read their local papers. We make it easy for your supporters to get their letters, their stories in local papers. Our tool makes automates the submission process so your supporters can get their story to editors with a few simple clicks. Our tool also provides a track back links to your campaign that many newspapers will print creating a virtuous cycle. You can embed the tool in a campaign action site or create a single-day news response for your most trusted supporters to further your narrative.

Features include:

  • Database of all local, provincial and national newspapers across Canada
  • Postal code lookup of editorial page contact information
  • Ability for supporters to send to up to 5 regional newspapers simultaneously
  • Embedded message, facts and quick tips page to guide letter writers

3. One-Click To Call Your Representative  

Connect your supporters to their elected representative in one click to create a powerful citizen lobby that cannot be ignored. Supporters simply land on your action page, enter their contact information and receive a pre-recorded call with talking points before automatically connecting them through to the target representative.

Click-to Call tools have been an extremely powerful tool for U.S. campaigners and now it’s time to bring it to Canada.

Features include:

  • Embedded message, facts and quick tips page to guide callers
  • Ability to record primers to play before connecting to callers to their representative
  • Ability to target any public representative with a phone number
  • Database for supporters to log key information from their call

4. One-Click Tweet @Your Representative

Twitter is one of the most powerful tools for social influence and public pressure. This tool guides Twitter engagement to key decision-makers’ profiles and helps create a social media groundswell.

Features include:

  • Postal code lookup to match supporters to their representative’s Twitter handle
  • Ability to program multiple suggested tweets
  • Ability to target anyone with a Twitter profile


Meet the Team

Now that you know the “what,” let’s talk about “who.” Meet our Co-Founders Steve and Shamus, Digital Strategists Dammy and Petra, and Lead Developer Andrew.


Steve_Anderson.jpgSteve Anderson is a co-founder of New/Mode and Lead Strategist. His unique expertise includes strategic communications, civic engagement, crowdsourcing and social campaign strategy. He also founded the award winning civic engagement organization OpenMedia and often appears in national and international media to comment on digital issues. His writing has appeared in many publications, such as The Tyee, the Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen, and the National Post.


shamus.jpgShamus Reid is a co-founder of New/Mode and leads operations. Merging a background in progressive strategy and communications with an MBA from the Rotman School of Management, he ensures New/Mode is creating value for our values-led clients. He has held elected leadership roles in the student movement, led BC media relations for Canada's New Democrats and was Press Secretary to the Leader of BC's Opposition New Democrats.



Petra Klupková is New/Mode's Campaign Strategist. With her background in film and event production, she ensures our clients' projects run smoothly. And as an experienced researcher, she ensures client communications are backed by keen insight and evidence. Petra holds an MA in English from UBC.


Dammy_Og.jpgDammy Ogunseitan manages NewMode's digital execution. He codes, he posts, he tweets and he gets you and your friends to share. For nearly a decade, Dammy has been working in the digital marketing industry as a marketing manager, strategist and project coordinator. In that time, he has honed his expertise on behalf of both brands and political organizations.


andrew.jpgAndrew Lindsay is New/Mode’s Lead Developer, project manager and advocate for agile and open source software development. Prior to joining New/Mode, Andrew worked as the Linux Foundation's Senior Manager of Web Technology where he managed the ecommerce, CMS and CRM technologies at the heart of the Foundation's successful training and events B2B enterprises, and oversaw the relaunch of the venerable website.





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