Digital tools for Digital Rights Campaigners

Digital tools for Digital Rights Campaigners

Why do we need digital tools for Digital Rights Campaigners?

In today’s world a good digital advocacy strategy helps digital rights campaigners win. Without one, an organization’s campaign is on its way to a crushing defeat.

To achieve success on campaigns, organizations need efficient digital tools at their disposal.

Why New/Mode?

With this in mind, New/Mode - in association with Open Media - decided to develop digital tools that will help organizations win. A clear, practical digital strategy helps any advocacy campaign understand what they need to do online and why. New/Mode’s Community Engagement Toolbox helps advocacy organizations effectively execute their campaigns.

New/Mode Community Engagement Toolbox

The world has changed and digital engagement is essential. Our suite of online 'smart tools' and crowdsourced processes are designed to help organizations run modern campaigns.

Today we need insight that runs deeper than the “yes” or “no” support of a campaign. Using our tailor-made digital engagement tools we help clients learn through listening, and harness the power of a community to launch winning campaigns.

The New/Mode Community Engagement Toolbox, in collaboration with OpenMedia and other open Internet advocates - will provide digital advocates with affordable access to advanced online advocacy tools.


Organizations such as the Brescia Faculty Association and the Friends of Public Services have made historic gains using New/Mode’s Community Engagement Toolbox

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