Launch of enables British Columbians to contact election candidates with the click of a button

A first for Canada, the website provides access to candidates through email, phone and social media

April 20, 2017 – Democratic engagement just got a whole lot easier today, thanks to the launch of, a new website where BC voters can get in touch with their election candidates at the click of a button—by phone, email, and on Twitter. The first-of-its-kind website was launched by Vancouver-based social enterprise, New/Mode, whose mission is to enable democratic participation in the digital age.

“We live in troubling times, where people are increasingly losing trust in democratic institutions,” said New/Mode founder Steve Anderson,“I think all of us have a responsibility to reimagine and rejuvenate democracy so that governments work in the interest of those most impacted by their decisions. is New/Mode’s contribution to this effort and I hope people find it empowering and useful.”

Voters are invited to speak up about any issue they choose to, as Anderson further explained, “whether you care about economic opportunity, government corruption, climate change, the role of big donors in our elections, or a range of other pressing issues - everyday British Columbians should be driving our election agenda, not industry lobbyists and other powerful interests. My hope is that these civic engagement tools help to level the playing field so that British Columbians are firmly in the driver’s seat during this crucial election.”

The tools available on the platform include “One-Click” Call, Email and Tweet your candidates tools, and a tool that makes it dead simple for British Columbians to submit a letter about the election to their local papers. 

New/Mode’s civic engagement tools grew out of award-winning digital rights organization OpenMedia. The organization, which Anderson founded in 2008, has led some of the largest online campaigns in the world, empowering millions of people worldwide.

British Columbians can learn more and contact their election representatives using the engagement platform at


About New/Mode

New/Mode is a purpose-driven social enterprise that provides sophisticated civic engagement tools to those working on the world’s most important causes. Through advanced civic engagement strategies and digital tools, New/Mode hopes to power democratic participation around the world.




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